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October 20, 2019

Kevin Malin is creating a new podcast series called Highway of Lost Love. Based on his cult classic novella of the same name, the series will employ the elements of audio, video, and still images to enhance the stories.

Podcast Summary:

Television writer Johnny Curtis seems to have it all: an exciting career, good looks, and no shortage of female companionship. However, the one thing he doesn’t have is true love in his life. Restless and unfulfilled, he goes looking for it in the most unusual places. It’s one wild adventure after another as Johnny encounters mystery and intrigue with a zany group of friends, whimsical lovers, and total strangers. And through it all, Johnny senses that something very unusual is going on, which lures him to roam the western countryside in search for some answers.


August 24, 2019


Kevin Malin Productions is developing a new web series!


Drama of Love is a new dramatic anthology web series with stories exploring the many varieties of love and relationships. Episodes will be approximately 5 to 10 minutes in length and be made available for viewing through various download and streaming services. The series will be supported by sponsors.

The first items to be filmed will be a teaser and some short scenes to help attract potential sponsorship. A pilot episode will follow. This is a paid, non-union, low-budget production. Pay is negotiable. Casting will take place during the summer of 2020. 


Initial footage will be filmed in various towns in Nevada with principle shooting to take place during the Fall of 2020.

Please send any questions and comments to the email below:


Thank you for your interest in the web series!


Kevin Malin

Executive Producer 

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